Frequently Asked Questions


For Customers/Clients

  1. How do I register/log in?

    If this is the first time you've visited our site and would like to register so that you may create lightboxes, download high res images, or send a research request via the web, please register with us. Complete the quick online registration form and you're ready to go!

    If you are a returning client, please log in.

  2. How do I change my user name/password?

    Click on "Hello [Your Name] at the top of the screen. This will open your account profile where you may change your account information.

  3. I am an old client and searching for images by specific numbers are a little different, how do I search?

    Using our numbers for searching is just a little different. You can still search on our shorter numbers, XXX-XXXX.jpg [500-323.jpg] but need to add ".jpg" You can search on our full stock number, Z###-XXXX-#### [Z801-QQ-6020] or our new system uses padded zeros ###-00000 [002-01648] No 'jpg' is necessary.

  4. How do I gain access to download images directly from the site?

    Registered clients are able to put images into the shopping basket and check out with a credit card. Approved users may purchase images using a house account. Qualified users can get access to instant downloads. Contact us for approvals.

  5. How much does it cost to license an image?

    We license rights-managed images. There are many factors that determine pricing. These include: image size, image placement, print run, distribution, electronic rights, etc. If you would like to obtain specific pricing information for your project, then please call us.

    We offer special pricing for non-profit organizations, as well.

    If you would like us to digitally manipulate an image for you, the cost is $75. hourly.  We have a team of digital imaging experts who are ready to make the perfect image for your project.

    Also, if you think you'll be using our imagery for several projects, we are happy to set up a pricing agreement with you tailored specifically to your stock image needs. The agreement often allows you to roll together a package of rights for a reduced rate. If you're interested, just mention it when you contact us.

  6. How do I pay for a downloaded hi-res image?

    You may license images using a credit card through the shopping cart. For users with instant-download approval, as soon as you download an image, we receive a notification, and we'll then send you an invoice. You will also have the option to be invoiced at a later time.

  7. I want to download an image from your site, but there is not a "hi-res available" button next to it. What do I do?

    This image is not yet available for immediate downloading from the website, but it will be soon. In the mean time, please call us with the ID number of the image you would like, and we'll get the hi-res to you ASAP.

  8. What type of images do you license?

    Our licenses are strictly Right's Managed (RM) images. When you license an image from us, you do not own it; you are buying a license to use a copyrighted image that still belongs to the photographer or illustrator. We also have RF, Royalty-Free images. RF is a one time fee and can be used for most applications. Please review our Terms for Submission and Reproduction.

    Licensing RM images offers you and your clients more chance to illustrate your idea with an image not widely seen. An RM image cannot be used over and over without limits. When you purchase a license to an RM image, the license limits your use to a specific project, size, distribution, medium, and timeframe and price varies with these factors. To reuse the photo later on or for additional uses, you need to re-license it.

    You may not use any image, whether model released or not model released, in any pornographic, defamatory, or libelous manner. You may not use any image as a trademark or logo. You may not use any image in a manner that depicts or identifies the people shown in it in connection with sensitive subject matter (AIDS, abortion, sex, promiscuity, mental or physical ailments, illegal drugs, tobacco or firearms) unless that subject is already the content of the image. You may not use our images in a manner that is unlawful or misleading. And you may not resell our image to a party not identified in our original license to you.

  9. What are image restrictions?

    Model Releases

    We clearly mark an image as model released when the photographer supplies us with model release information. We can request a copy of the release from the photographer if you require it. If an image is not marked model released, you may not assume there are any releases for any and all of the people shown in the image. Because many of our images are not model-released, you must pay particular attention to all the restrictions listed in this document.

    If an image you select is not model released, we suggest you use it for editorial purposes only.

    If we erroneously assert the existence, scope, or validity of a release you agree to indemnify us against any claim.

    Use Restrictions

    User may not make or permit any alterations, including and without limitation additions, subtractions or adaptations, to any Image, except that cropping, and alterations of contrast, brightness and color balance, consistent with reproduction needs, may be made. No Image may be used in any way that is defamatory, violates the rights of third parties (including such third parties' rights of copyright, privacy, publicity, or other tangible or intangible property), or is otherwise illegal or obscene. In addition, user may not conjoin an Image with any other material that may result in damage to the reputation of the Image Rights holder.

  10. Please read our Terms of Submission and Reproduction. Your contract is governed by the Terms as well as any individual license on your invoice or existing contracts.
  11. How can I contact you?

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           We can do free research and collaborate with you to help bring your ideas to the marketplace. Contact our office to talk
           with a CMSP representative.

For Photographers

Contact our office to arrange a portfolio submission.  773-267-3100