Organizing Your Lightbox

Advanced Lightbox Manager
The Advanced Lightbox Manager allows you to create, delete, copy and rename lightboxes, remove multiple items at a time from a lightbox, edit notes and comments, copy and move items from one lightbox to another, rearrange items in a lightbox, email a lightbox, and print a lightbox.

Each lightbox has a comment field, and each item in a lightbox has a notes field. You may create as many lightboxes as you wish, and each lightbox can have an unlimited number of items. However, please note that lightboxes that have hundreds of items may load slowly, so it may be more efficient to split up a large lightbox into smaller ones with similar names.

Note: When using the Advanced Lightbox Manager, a lightbox may become out of sync with the lightbox shown in the lightbox page. When you close the Advanced Lightbox Manager, the lightbox page should refresh to sync up the lightbox shown.


Upload File to a Lightbox Upload File to a Lightbox Save Lightbox to a File Save Lightbox to a File
View Lightbox in the Main Site View Lightbox in the Main Site Print Lightbox Print Lightbox
Email Lightbox Email Lightbox Copy Lightbox Copy Lightbox
Rename Lightbox Rename Lightbox Delete Lightbox Delete Lightbox
Edit Notes Edit Notes Edit Comments Edit Comments
Copy Comments to the Other Lightbox Copy Comments to the Other Lightbox Undo the Last Change to This Lightbox Undo the Last Change to This Lightbox
Options for Dropping Items Options for Dropping Items Check all Items Check all Items
Uncheck all Items Uncheck all Items Remove Checked Items Remove Checked Items
Help Help

Advanced Lightbox Manager System Requirements
The Advanced Lightbox Manager will run on PC and Mac operating systems that are newer than 1994. Compatible browsers are: Internet Explorer 6+, Firefox, and Safari.

Creating and Deleting Lightboxes
To create a lightbox, type the lightbox name in the 'Create a New Lightbox' edit box and select the 'go'button. To delete a lightbox, open the Advanced Lightbox Manager, select a lightbox and select 'Delete All' from the menu bar.

Copying and Renaming Lightboxes
Selecting 'Copy' or 'Rename' will open a pop-up window that allows you to copy or rename a lightbox. When you copy or rename a lightbox, its notes and comments will also be saved to the new lightbox.

Removing Items from a Lightbox
To remove items from a lightbox, check the ones you want to remove and select 'Remove Checked Items.' Do not select 'Delete All' unless you want to delete the entire lightbox.

Editing Notes in a Lightbox
There are two ways to edit notes in a lightbox. One way is to select the 'Notes' button which will open a pop-up window where you may add and edit the notes for all the items in the lightbox. The other way is to select the notes icon under an item. This will open a pop-up window where you may add and edit the note for the single item.

Editing Comments in a Lightbox
The comments for a lightbox are shown below its items. To edit the comments, select the Edit Comments icon from the menu bar, type the comments in the edit box, and click 'Save.'

Previewing a Lightbox Item
Select the icon underneath an item to be redirected to a preview page where the item id and caption will be shown. You may return to your lightbox by clicking RETURN TO LIGHTBOX above the preview image. In the Advanced Lightbox Manager, a pop-up preview with item notes will appear when you select the preview icon.

Viewing Two Lightboxes Side by Side
You may view up to two lightboxes at a time. In the dropdown that says 'View one lightbox,' select the option to view two lightboxes. You will then see two lightboxes side by side.

Copying Items from Lightbox to Lightbox
First select a lightbox on the left and another on the right. You may copy single items by clicking and dragging them between lightboxed. To copy multiple items to the other lightbox, check the items on the left you want to copy to the right and select the icon from the menu bar. You can copy them from right to left by checking the items on the right and selecting the icon. Only if 'Include Notes' is checked will the notes will be copied. If you copy or move an item to a lightbox that already has the item, the item's notes will be overwritten.

Moving Items from Lightbox to Lightbox
This is the same as copying items, except that you select the icon or the icon. The item or items will be moved from one lightbox to the other.

Copying Comments from Lightbox to Lightbox
Select the icon to copy the comments from one lightbox to the other.

Rearranging Items in a Lightbox
To move an item in a large lightbox, select 'Mouse Click and Drag' from the top menu. Select the image you want to move by single clicking it with the mouse. Then without holding the mouse button down, drag the item to its new location. Then click the mouse again to place the item. The item will always be placed to the right of the item you move it to unless you move it to the first item.

You may use the scroll bar while moving an item. To do this, drag the item to the scroll bar, click down and move the scroll, then release the mouse button and the item will reappear next to the mouse cursor.

Each item has a number below it indicating its position in the lightbox. Changes are saved automatically.

Emailing a Lightbox
You can email a lightbox to a client and you can give the client permission to annotate and change your lightbox. In this case, the user will be able to delete items and change comments and notes. A client does not have to be registered to change your lightbox, and all registered clients can save an emailed lightbox to their account.

Printing a Lightbox
Selecting 'Print' will open a pop-up a window allowing you to print a lightbox. The selections on the top allow you to choose how you want the lightbox printout to look.