Ordering and Downloading Images

Ordering a High-Resolution Image
You can order high-resolution images individually by clicking the Order High Res Image link on the Preview page. This link will take you to the Order and Image page, where your profile information will be displayed along with billing options. Please review and change any information as necessary.

You will see the image number of the picture you have chosen to order located just above the Project Title field. Click order high res at the bottom of the page to send us your order. You will soon be sent an e-mail notifying you that your pictures are ready to be downloaded. Please contact us to discuss fees and rights for usage.

Ordering a Lightbox of Images
You can also order a lightbox of images by clicking the Order Lightbox button in the bottom lightbox frame that appears when you add images to a lightbox . You may also order a lightbox by clicking on LIGHTBOX from the main navigation where you can select the lightbox you wish to order from the dropdown menu and click Order Lightbox.

Please make sure the Lightbox drop-down menu on the Order page displays the lightbox you wish to order before clicking Order Lightbox. We recommend that this feature be used to order multiple high-resolution images for any one project. There is no limit to the number of pictures that can be ordered at one time. See Organizing Your Lightbox for help with creating lightboxes.