Search Help and Tips

The more specific you can be the better your chance of finding the pictures you need.

You can search for images by entering:

  • a single word (treatment)
  • phrase (Eldelry Patient)
  • string of words (heart and model and computer)
  • eight-digit image number with a dash after first three digits (522-02735)

Spelling & Punctuation
While our search engine allows for multiple spellings of many terms, please use the word prompter as you type in the search box to find the spellings available in our keyword database.

Please do not use punctuation in your search.

Using 'AND'
You can use as many keywords as you like to define the limits of a search.

For example, if you want to search for X-Rays of a hand enter the keywords 'X-Ray AND Hand' in the search box .

The resulting search will find images that have both of these keywords associated with them and, therefore, show only those X-Rays that have a view of a hand.

If your search includes phrases or compound terms (example: gingival hyperplasia), please be sure to use AND between each compound term and other keywords (example: gingival hyperplasia AND phenytoin).

Using 'OR' and 'NOT'
You can also use OR or NOT to expand or limit your search.

For example, if you are looking for images of pills, but not images with people on them, enter 'pill NOT person' in the search box.

The resulting search will find images that have the keyword pill, but not person.

Search Within
Upon clicking the Search Within check-box, the cursor will move to the Search field where you may enter additional search terms to narrow results.

For example, if you search for 'Eskimo' but only want to see tools, click Search Within and enter 'tool' in the search box to filter those pictures from the first set of results.

Filter by Orientation
Use the check-boxes to select Horizontal, Vertical, or both to return more precise or more broad results.