Colored SEM of a tapeworm, Taenia sp.
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Tapeworm. Coloured scanning electron micrograph (SEM) of a parasitic tapeworm (Taenia sp.). The scolex (head, at right) has suckers (upper right) and a crown of hooklets (top right) that the worm uses to attach itself to the inside of the intestines of its specific host. At the end of the scolex is a narrow neck from which body segments (proglottids) are budded off. Tapeworms have no specialised digestive system but feed on the half- digested food in the intestines by direct absorption through their entire skin surface. Tapeworms can cause diarrhoea, weight loss and abdominal discomfort. Magnification: x15 at 5x7cm size. x37.5 at 18x12.5cm

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Colored SEM of a tapeworm, Taenia sp.

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