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  • Special Projects's biomedical staff represents the medical, scientific, forensic and health care creative stock imagery from over 400 medical professionals.  We offer specialized stock images, a complete medical image library offering broad subjects with in-depth categorization and detailed captioning.  We offer both Royalty Free stock images and Rights Managed imagery in all medical stock image categories.

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Assorted conditions.

Ocular Conditions

A reference guide of illustrations.


Surgical image samples without blood.

Bacteria In The Home

Bacteria Found in the home


Viruses, bacteria, mold & fungus samples.

Drive-Thru Clinics

Scenes from minute clinics.


Some scenes from the ER.

Holistic Medicine

Eastern medicine, homeopathics, chiropractic samples.


Pregnancy Illustration Series.


The faces of infancy.

Medical Imaging

MRI, CT, PET, X-ray, Nuclear Medicine, Ultrasound & more


What is Blue

Amazing What Is Red

The lighter side of being a patient.



Image Spotlights

Last updated: May 24, 2015